A taste of freedom...

Every day like clock work, my husband or I would try to beat the other person to asking "What's for dinner?". I guess we figured whoever asks it first is no longer responsible for coming up with the answer. And the answer typically involved one of us picking something up from a restaurant on the way home from work.

On occasion, one of us would cook. Then after eating, we were faced with the daunting task of putting away leftovers and cleaning up the pots, pans, plates, glasses and other mess we just made. Who wants to do that after a long day? And even on non-work days, we just wanted to enjoy all the fun things life had to offer. That definitely did NOT include grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning and repeating.

One day, I looked at my husband and simply said "Do you realize we have to do this EVERY day? Every day for the rest of our lives we have to figure out what to eat. There has got to be better way."

It was then that I started working on better ways to get a nice meal on the table with minimal work and minimal clean up. It has worked so well, saved so much time and money, and taken the frustration out of eating in. As a side effect, it has even made eating out more special.

I found myself passionately talking about all the ideas to whoever would listen, until one day a friend finally said "You know, you should share this with others". It may have been her way of getting me to stop talking, but it certainly felt like it was my duty to teach others the freedom I had just found.




Because we still have to eat....

We are all super busy. Let's make cooking and eating easy and fun again.